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Apartments, Houses & Property for Sale in Malta

With such a wide range of apartments, houses and other types of property for sale in Malta, you are sure to find something that fits your tastes and budget. Here is a selection of current properties with different agents. 

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Apartments & Property for Rent / To Let in Malta

There is a large variety of property for rent in Malta and one can find a spectrum of prices, depending on the type of property and the location. Prices in recent years have increased quite a bit due to the surge in foreigners choosing Malta as their place of residence and work, especiall in the gaming sector. For a nice getaway you can also look at property to rent in Gozo or villas to r...


Estate Agents in Malta

Read about each of Malta's leading real estate agents to help smoothen theprocess of buying your house. This page intends to present to you all the information you need to read before deciding who to work with when you are renting property , buying or selling your house in Malta.

Latest Properties

Hamrun Finished Town House

€ 195000.00

Town House HAMRUN:- A TOWNHOUSE in Hamrun having a footprint of 102 ... View Listing

Naxxar Furnished House of Character

€ 2000.00

House of Character NAXXAR:- Re-modelled to perfection, a 3 bedroom, ... View Listing

Ta' Xbiex Furnished Penthouse

€ 2075000.00

Penthouse TA' XBIEX:- This large, bright, ninth floor PENTHOUSE me... View Listing

Pembroke Finished Penthouse

€ 390000.00

Penthouse PEMBROKE:- A fourth floor PENTHOUSE situated in the hear... View Listing

St Julians Furnished Apartment

€ 850.00

Apartment ST. JULIANS:- Located only a minute from Spinola Bay, a we... View Listing

Ibragg Finished Ground-floor Maisonette

€ 480000.00

Maisonette IBRAGG:- A modern highly finished 3 bedroom MAISONETTE ... View Listing

Sliema Furnished Apartment

€ 1300.00

Apartment SLIEMA:- Situated on the first floor in a small block, a 2... View Listing

Mellieha Furnished Apartment

€ 380000.00

Apartment MELLIEHA:- A new luxury APARTMENT set on the 3rd floor o... View Listing

Sliema Furnished Apartment

€ 3000.00

Apartment SLIEMA:- A highly finished and modern, second floor, 3 bed... View Listing

Xemxija Shell form Apartment

€ 310000.00

Apartment XEMXIJA:- A brand new fourth floor APARTMENT in a block of... View Listing

St Julians Furnished Apartment

€ 1300.00

Apartment ST. JULIANS:- A beautiful 2 bedroom APARTMENT is situate... View Listing

St Pauls Bay Finished Apartment

€ 140000.00

Apartment ST. PAUL'S BAY:- A spacious first floor APARTMENT measur... View Listing

Madliena Furnished Apartment

€ 1200.00

Apartment MADLIENA:- Located in a block of only two apartments and... View Listing

Ibragg Furnished Penthouse

€ 1400.00

Penthouse IBRAGG:- A 2 bedroom, very modern, bright and airy, third ... View Listing

Sliema Finished Apartment

€ 3500.00

Apartment SLIEMA (TIGNE): A brand new CORNER APARTMENT situated on... View Listing

St Julians Shell form Apartment

€ 285000.00

Apartment ST. JULIANS:- A third floor, 3 bedroom APARTMENT measuri... View Listing

Sliema Finished Apartment

€ 815000.00

Apartment SLIEMA (TIGNE):- A very bright and airy APARTMENT situat... View Listing

Mellieha Furnished Town House

€ 2000.00

Town House MELLIEHA:- A beautiful, converted TOWNHOUSE in Mellieha. ... View Listing

Birkirkara Finished Apartment

€ 170000.00

Apartment BIRKIRKARA:- A 3 bedroom second floor APARTMENT measurin... View Listing

St Julians Finished Apartment

€ 870000.00

Apartment ST. JULIANS:- A luxurious tenth floor APARTMENT forming ... View Listing

St Julians Finished Penthouse

€ 2500.00

Penthouse ST. JULIANS :- A residential block of APARTMENTS situated ... View Listing

St Julians Finished Garage

€ 304.00

Garage (residential) ST JULIANS:- One and two car GARAGES in St Ge... View Listing

Mosta Finished Apartment

€ 280000.00

Apartment MOSTA:- A second floor, three bedroom APARTMENT is now a... View Listing

Gharghur Finished Apartment

€ 240000.00

Apartment GHARGHUR:- A 2 bedroom second floor APARTMENT situated i... View Listing

Zebbug Finished Apartment

€ 171200.00

Apartment ZEBBUG:- A third floor APARTMENT situated in a brand new... View Listing

Sliema Furnished Apartment

€ 3000.00

Apartment SLIEMA (TOWER ROAD):- A seafront, fully furnished APARTME... View Listing

Sliema Furnished Apartment

€ 1350.00

Apartment SLIEMA:- A bright and airy 2 bedroom APARTMENT is now av... View Listing

Bugibba Furnished Penthouse

€ 1350.00

Penthouse BUGIBBA:- A spacious, modern, one bedroom PENTHOUSE meas... View Listing

Sliema Unfurnished Apartment

€ 750000.00

Apartment SLIEMA (TOWER ROAD):- A very large unfurnished APARTMENT ... View Listing

Swieqi Furnished Apartment

€ 462000.00

Apartment A ready to move in 125sqm 3 bedroom APARTMENT in Swieqi ... View Listing

Buying property in Malta

Malta has a large number of reputable and professional estate agents which will make it much easier to buy property on the island. This site aims at providing you with a wide collection of properties being advertised with these agents, from small apartments to penthouses, villas and larger houses for sale.

When you manage to find a property that you are interested in, simply get in touch with the estate agency that is advertising that property and book a viewing. The sales representatives at that company will seek to understand what you are after and try to match you with properties within their database that fit your requirements. They will also advise you on market prices, sales conditions and how best to approach the negotations with the property sellers.

Financing your new property purchase

If you need a bank loan for your new property, you will need to speak to a Maltese bank. They offer financing packages and loans based on your income and will also advise you about how they can help you. Foreigners living in Malta and seeking to purchase property, will also find the support they need, even though the process might at times be a little lengthier.

Property Prices

Property prices have gone higher over the last years due to increased demand. However, the value of property in Malta generally maintains itself very well and typically increases year on year (based of course on the economical and social situation at the time). With the increase of foreign people living in Malta over the last years, demand on properties for sale has increased and property for rent has also increased in price.

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