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Real Estate in Malta

Most of the millions of tourists that spend their holidays in Malta wish to move there indefinitely. And who can blame them? The sunny islands with their rocky shores and crystal blue waters are enough to make anyone reconsider their country of residence.

With such a wide range of property for sale in malta and property for rent, you are sure to find something that fits your tastes and budget.

Articles About the Maltese Islands

Sliema Apartments for Rent Long Term

Sliema, is a sea facing locality in the northeast of Malta . It is within the Northern Harbour District area and neighbour to Valletta itself. It is one of the most significant maltese sea side resorts as well as commercial areas. It serves as a centre for shopping, bars, dining, and much more. It is also neighbour to the other famous resort Saint Julian’s. Finding Sliema Apartments for...

Property to Rent in Gozo

Gozo is part of the Maltese Archipelago, and it is "Malta's younger sister," since it's the second-largest island in the group. Even if it doesn't enjoy the popularity level of its bigger sibling, this small islet still has a lot to offer to its visitors. If you choose to spend your next vacation on a property to rent in Gozo, you will have the chance to explore its pristine nature, rich culture, ...

Short Let Rentals in Malta

Living in Malta even for a short while is a memorable experience. The small island nation in the heart of the Mediterranean has plenty to offer to its visitors whether you are staying for a weekend or a full month. Your best choice for lodging should include short let rentals in Malta, which may offer you better conditions at a more reasonable price than most hotel resorts on the island. The Ma...

Property, Houses & Apartments for Sale in Gozo

Gozo, Malta’s beautiful and more authentic sister island, is home to History, Culture, Sun and the Sea. The recent restructuring of the center of Victoria, the capital has also meant, that much of Gozo's glory has been restored and the visitors can enjoy magnificent, and exquisite archaeological and historic sites as well hone in on the local gastronomy. It is remarkably easy to get aroun...

Apartments & Property for Rent in Malta

Malta and its archipelago in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, is home to History, Culture, Sun and the Sea. As an international hub for trade and business, it offers the future investor ...

Property for Sale in Malta

With so many property styles and locations available on the market, you will definitely find your style of property in Malta. From villas and palazzos to apartments, penthouses and everythi...

Property Malta

If you have just returned from your Maltese holiday just yearning to go back, you do not have to wait until next year’s vacation days come along. Living & real estate in Malta go hand in hand, and you can easily find a place with one of the property agents in Malta to settle down as a homeowner in one of Europe’s best travel destinations.

Living in Malta means being part of a multicultural society with a rich history and a tireless passion for innovation. The Maltese islands bring together colorful communities that embrace peace and comfort as cornerstone standards of everyday life.

Whether you choose to live in a touristic area or a more isolated part of Malta, you will quickly blend in with the friendly, easy-going locals. An island that enjoys more than 300 sunny days per year can only have affable and welcoming residents.

When it comes to propery and real estate in Malta, you should find it easy to get the residence that best suits you and your family. There is a wide variety of property for sale in Malta, catering for every taste. From small studio apartments to large penthouses and classic villas every kind of property for rent or sale that you have in mind is waiting for you in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Location is just as important as the size of your home. In this regard, you can have your pick from city-center apartments to countryside houses or a fantastic piece of poperty for sale in Gozo. Your next residence can be in a lively area of a seaside resort or fully immersed into a spectacular and natural landscape like only Malta has to offer.

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