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Property for Rent in Malta / Villas to rent in Malta

Villas to rent in Malta

By Knowing Malta | 28 May 2019

If you are looking for the perfect getaway vacation this summer you cannot overlook Malta and its breathtaking natural wonders. From golden sandy beaches to blue lagoons and from medieval castles to the exciting nightlife scene the island has something to offer for everyone. Look for villas to rent in Malta and make your stay there truly unforgettable.

Malta keeps its shores open to friendly visitors for every day of the year. More than 300 of those days are filled with glorious sunshine, which is why many tourists choose to come here all year-round. As a result, there are numerous rental opportunities where you and your family or friends can stay for the holiday.

You can also view more properties for rent in Malta.

€ 2,500

Attard Furnished Semi-detached Villa

ATTARD:- A furnished SEMI-DETACHED VILLA situated in a central location. Accommodation...

€ 3,000

Attard Furnished Semi-detached Villa

A designer furnished SEMI DETACHED VILLA situated in this peaceful village. Proeprty comprise...

€ 6,500

High Ridge Furnished Detached Villa

HIGH RIDGE:- A state of the art DETACHED RESIDENCE located in this highly prestigious area, most exc...

€ 8,000

Ibragg Furnished Semi-detached Villa

IBRAGG:- A lovely CORNER VILLA has been built and finished with a close eye for detail. Compr...

€ 2,300

Ibragg Furnished Semi-detached Villa

IBRAGG:- A spacious furnished SEMI-DETACHED VILLA situated in a quiet location close t...

€ 3,200

Iklin Furnished Detached Villa

L-IKLIN:- A beautiful, centrally located, modern, fully furnished and equipped three bedroom VILL...

€ 3,000

Iklin Furnished Detached Villa

IKLIN:- Located within the highly sought-after villa area of Iklin, a 400sqm, highly finished...

€ 3,500

Kappara Finished Detached Villa

KAPPARA:- A beautiful fully DETACHED VILLA located just off the most elite road in thi...

€ 1,000

Kappara Furnished Detached Villa

KAPPARA:- Located in one of the most sought-after areas in Kappara this fully detached villa

€ 3,900

Kappara Furnished Semi-detached Villa

KAPPARA: A SEMI-DETACHED VILLA comprising large open plan living / dinin, fully equipp...

€ 1,520

Lija Furnished Semi-detached Villa

LIJA:- A BUNGALOW in a peacful undisturbed village with fantastic views with a paved drive wa...

€ 4,000

Madliena Furnished Detached Villa

MADLIENA:- Located possibly on the best street in this high profile, villa area within Madlie...

€ 2,000

Madliena Furnished Semi-detached Villa

MADLIENA:- Located in the elite, villa area of Malta, this Madliena semi-detached, recently r...

€ 3,800

Madliena Furnished Semi-detached Villa

MADLIENA (HIGH RIDGE):- Located in the most sought-after area of the island, High Ridge, a Villa<...

€ 940

Mellieha Finished Detached Villa

A unique BUNGALOW situated very close to the beach and located in a quiet residential area. Property...

€ 4,500

Mellieha Furnished Detached Villa

MELLIEHA:- A recently renovated, furnished DETACHED VILLA situated in this very sought...

€ 4,200

Mellieha Furnished Detached Villa

MELLIEHA:- A large, fully furnished and equipped, modern VILLA, part of Santa Marija Estate, ...

€ 3,000

Mellieha Furnished Detached Villa

MELLIEHA:- Located in the villa area of Mellieha, a fully furnished and equipped, fully DE...

€ 2,700

Mellieha Furnished Semi-detached Villa

MELLIEHA:- A very well located, spacious VILLA is available for rent in one of the most sough...

€ 2,200

San Gwann Furnished Detached Villa

SAN GWANN:- A spacious and modern, 3 bedroom VILLA is now available for rent in a very good l...

€ 2,500

San Gwann Furnished Detached Villa

SAN GWANN:- Furnished corner VILLA situated in the heart of San Gwann in a tranquil street no...

€ 2,500

San Gwann Furnished Semi-detached Villa

SAN GWANN:- A recently refurbished and fully furnished SEMI DETACHED VILLA situated in this c...

€ 3,300

San Gwann Furnished Semi-detached Villa

SAN GWANN:- A spacious and bright 3 bedroom semi-detached VILLA is now available for r...

€ 2,800

San Pawl tat-Targa Furnished Detached Villa

SAN PAWL TAT-TARGA: A fully detached VILLA, located in a quiet upmarket residential ar...

€ 1,600

San Pawl tat-Targa Furnished Semi-detached Villa

SAN PAWL TAT-TARGA:- Located in the sought-after villa area of San Pawl tat Targa close to Li...

€ 3,000

St Julians Furnished Detached Villa

ST. JULIANS:- For those who are after peace and quiet, but would like to live within easy reach of t...

€ 900

St Julians Unfurnished Semi-detached Villa

ST JULIANS:- Located close to Monterosa Gardens is this semi detached house being offered unfurnishe...

€ 5,000

Swieqi Furnished Detached Villa

SWIEQI:- A stupendous VILLA located on the best streets in Swieqi only a short walk from the ...

€ 2,600

Swieqi Furnished Semi-detached Villa

SWIEQI:- A furnished SEMI-DETACHED VILLA situated in a tranquil...

If you are traveling with a large group of people, your best choice is to rent a villa in Malta. Whether you choose one in the city center or the rural areas, such lodging will provide you the perfect accommodation. It can host several persons in a generous space that may include such amenities as swimming pools, sports grounds, and barbecue areas.

A villa in Malta may serve as the headquarters for your family or your group of friends during your vacation. From its premises, you can engage in daily travels to the beach, the historical landmarks of the island and the party scene on the Northeastern coast.

Renting a villa on the island should prove to be a more cost-effective solution if you are traveling with several friends or couples. The entire cost of your stay split among you will most likely turn out to be cheaper than individual rooms at a seaside resort. Furthermore, you will have the benefit of having the whole house for you only and get to experience Malta without having to deal with rowdy hotel neighbors.

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