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Property For Sale in Malta / Villas For Sale in Malta

Villas For Sale in Malta

By Knowing Malta | 19 April 2019

Data shows that home ownership in Malta is as high as 81.9% and is speculated to increase over time irrespective of the constant inflationary pressures (rise in prices).

Unlike other types of residences, villas are not usually rented or if lent, not on a long-term basis. They are often isolated or else built as groups in a gated community where all of them share a common gateway, each having a separate compound wall. Owners of villas are clearly satisfied with living a luxurious lifestyle as opposed to homeowners, who seek comfort.

When it comes to exterior design; outdoor swimming pools, massive front gardens, barbeque areas and verandas are very common. Vehicles are usually parked either along the driveway where large parking spaces are found or else in a spacious garage found at ground floor or else at basement level, enabling the residents to fit a minimum of two cars. Besides, they may include other ornamental structures such as fountains and robust balconies.

Moreover, locally one can find both semi and fully detached villas, most of which welcome you with an automated gate followed by a driveway or what the Maltese refer to as drive-ins. Security is of utmost importance in properties of this calibre and thus, alarm systems tend to be very complex yet professional.

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€ 830,000

Attard Shell Form Semi-detached Villa

€ 790,000

Attard Shell Form Semi-detached Villa

€ 1,060,000

Bahar Ic-Caghaq Furnished Detached Villa

€ 985,000

Bahar Ic-Caghaq Furnished Semi-detached Villa

€ 1,906,500

Balzan Finished Semi-detached Villa

€ 750,000

Gharb Finished Bungalow

€ 350,000

Gharb Furnished Farmhouse

€ 450,000

Gharb Furnished Farmhouse

€ 430,000

Gharb Furnished Farmhouse

€ 1,500,000

Gharghur Furnished Detached Villa

€ 800,000

Gudja Unconverted Farmhouse

€ 1,575,000

Ibragg Finished Detached Villa

€ 1,600,000

Iklin Shell Form Detached Villa

€ 1,750,000

Iklin Shell Form Detached Villa

€ 1,000,000

Kappara Furnished Detached Villa

€ 950,000

Kappara Furnished Semi-detached Villa

€ 325,000

Kercem Finished Farmhouse

€ 700,000

Kercem Furnished Farmhouse

€ 1,700,000

Madliena Finished Semi-detached Villa

€ 1,696,000

Madliena Shell Form Semi-detached Villa

€ 750,000

Marsascala Finished Detached Villa

€ 750,000

Marsascala Finished Detached Villa

€ 1,500,000

Marsaxlokk Furnished Farmhouse

€ 1,950,000

Mellieha Finished Bungalow

€ 1,483,000

Mellieha Finished Detached Bungalow

€ 1,900,000

Mellieha Finished Detached Villa

€ 1,030,000

Mellieha Furnished Detached Villa

€ 815,000

Mgarr Unconverted Farmhouse

€ 595,000

Mosta Shell Form Detached Villa

€ 1,200,000

Pembroke Finished Semi-detached Villa

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