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Property for Rent in Malta / Sliema Apartments for Rent Long Term

Sliema Apartments for Rent Long Term

By Knowing Malta | 12 August 2019

Sliema, is a sea facing locality in the northeast of Malta. It is within the Northern Harbour District area and neighbour to Valletta itself. It is one of the most significant maltese sea side resorts as well as  commercial areas. It serves as a centre for shopping, bars, dining, and much more. It is also neighbour to the other famous resort Saint Julian’s. Finding Sliema Apartments for Rent Long Term can be trying, however not impossible. Let us help you.

One distinguishing feature of most homes in Sliema is that the neighbourhood is almost exclusively made up of yellowish stone facades, conferring the buildings a bright and shining colour, akin to that of the sand at the beach.  Another noteworthy feature of Sliema is that it is home to Malta’s hottest hotels, apartments, penthouses and more. Make sure to reap the benefits of this densely populated neighbourhood for socialisation, networking and more. View all property for rent long let in Malta.

Note also, while living in Sliema owning a car won't be necessary, especially if you are working in the nearby areas. The public transportation network is good and efficient and it will allow you to get ahead of the crowd. This will not only help you save on transport costs, ultimately it will keep you less stressed and contribute positively to lowering CO2 levels. You are already here, don’t you just go this little extra mile more with us? 

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