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Property For Sale in Malta / Property for Sale Marsascala

Property for Sale Marsascala

By Knowing Malta | 13 August 2019

Marsaskala, (Wied il-Għajn) remains with its fisher village feel. Lined with small buildings, and a significant number of houses of character, it is an inviting alternative to other more tourist resorts in Malta. It is also less known. 

It's more authentic character, likened to that of little towns on Gozo possibly, lends itself to long walks along the coast and an excursion to St. Peter’s Pool. Less touristy, especially as it is rocky and not sandy, this helps to keep the bigger masses away. 

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Marsascala is one of Malta’s most easily recognizable locations. The old fishing village features a small port where tiny, vividly-colored boats dock under the marveling eyes of the visitors. Even if it is only a small settlement, there is still plenty of property for sale in Marsascala for those who want to live in a bohemian setting.

Marsascala has a rich history that includes large naval battles and stories of tremendous storms. The local community is formed by fishermen that have lived there for many generations. Each morning, they hop into their small and eye-catching vessels to head out into their sea and repeat the same work that their forefathers used to do centuries ago.

If you want to live in one of the truly few picturesque fishing villages left in Europe, then you should look at some of the property for sale in Marsascala. Living here will reward you with a serene and peaceful life. You will get to enjoy fresh seafood every day and stroll down the village’s romantic alleys.

Marsascala is the perfect setting for people who want to get away from the buzzing life of the large city. It makes for the ideal summer holiday whether you travel with a large family or just your partner. From its secluded location you can easily reach other areas of the island for daily excursions, and still, get to return to its peaceful surroundings every evening.

Living in Marsascala offers you a better opportunity to discover the authentic local community in Malta. It puts you in touch with families that have been living there for centuries and makes you appreciate the true, powerful spirit of the Maltese people.

Buying property in Marsascala will introduce you to a friendly and welcoming community that enjoys a simple but life-enriching lifestyle.

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