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Property For Sale in Malta / Property, Houses & Apartments for Sale in Gozo

Property, Houses & Apartments for Sale in Gozo

By Knowing Malta | 23 May 2019

Property in Gozo has become very sought after in the last couple of years. Foreigners and Maltese alike are looking towrds Gozo for the next invetment property or getaway. Gozo is home to some truly interesting properties ranking from converted farmhouses and houses of character to apartments of varying sizes and features.

Buying property in Gozo

Prices of properties in Gozo are typically lower than their Maltese counterparts, but the process of buying the properties is very similar. Some estate agents in Gozo are specialized on Gozitan properties and might be able to help you find a less-known good deal, thanks to their knowledge of the property market and local connections.

For properties in Malta you can also go back to the main page and filter through our collection of apartments and other properties for sale. You can also visit property to rent in Gozo for rental properties.

About Gozo

Gozo, Malta’s beautiful and more authentic sister island, is home to History, Culture, Sun and the Sea.

The recent restructuring of the center of Victoria, the capital has also meant, that much of Gozo's glory has been restored and the visitors can enjoy magnificent, and exquisite archaeological and historic sites as well hone in on the local gastronomy. It is remarkably easy to get around the island by car of public transport and some even choose to visit by foot only. There are many fun ways to explore Gozo and it makes up for an incredible getaway destination with immaculate scenery and authentic architecture typical for the Maltese islands. Many insist that it is the unspoiled version of Malta. Investing here surely makes sense if you wish to beat the others in the chase.

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