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Property for Rent in Malta / Flats & Long term rentals in Mellieha

Flats & Long term rentals in Mellieha

By Knowing Malta | 28 May 2019

Mellieha is located at the very tip of Malta, on the tail of the fish shaped island, just before you cross off to our sister isand, Gozo. Mellieha has a lively mixture of rural, exclusive and beaches.

Mellieha is the opposite to the frequent misunderstanding that Malta’s beaches are rocky and lack soft sand. Mellieha is very special and quite unique compared to the rest of Malta, since it enjoys these very attractive, long stretches of soft, sandy beaches.

Many tourists decide to set camp in Mellieha during their stay, many foreigners also choose Mellieha as their preferred area of residence since it is quite unique. Most of Mellieha is built on a hill, just right above the sea, this makes the air in Mellieha quite fresh. Moreover, living in Mellieha is wonderful, since it still has a lot of the traditional character of the Maltese island in tact.

Moreover it has quick access to the most wonderful beaches in Malta, such as Mellieha bay, probably the largest sandy beach in both Malta and Gozo.

Mellieha also offers a super market and a large variety of restaurants, cafes and pubs, making living in Mellieha a wonderful experience.

Mellieha offers all types of accommodation from the most splendid villa in Santa Marija Estate, over looking the see, to a quite townhouse in the core of the village, or an airy spacious apartment, built up high, over looking Ghadira bay and the lovely historic Mellieha church.

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