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Property in Malta / Houses For Sale in Malta

Houses For Sale in Malta

By Knowing Malta | 23 May 2019

Living in a sunny island paradise does not get simpler than in Malta. This beautiful isle in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea combines the pleasant benefits of modern life with the fascinating customs of its rich history to create a unique living experience. If you want to get the best of it, you should look for houses for sale in Malta and become a full-time resident of the island.

There is a wide selection of property for sale in Malta that come with every amenity and facility you can desire. If you like living alone, you can opt for a modern city center loft or a stylish penthouse on the northeastern side of the island. Here, you can be in close vicinity to the popular Maltese nightlife scene and the abundance of commercial centers.

€ 2,900,000

Attard Furnished Palazzo

€ 830,000

Attard Shell Form Semi-detached Villa

€ 790,000

Attard Shell Form Semi-detached Villa

€ 7,000,000

Bahar Ic-Caghaq Finished Detached Villa

€ 1,060,000

Bahar Ic-Caghaq Furnished Detached Villa

€ 985,000

Bahar Ic-Caghaq Furnished Semi-detached Villa

€ 1,906,500

Balzan Finished Semi-detached Villa

€ 1,750,000

Bingemma Converted House of Character

€ 384,000

Birkirkara Finished Terraced House

€ 375,000

Birkirkara Unconverted Town House

€ 590,000

Dingli Unconverted House of Character

€ 2,500,000

Floriana Finished Palazzo

€ 600,000

Gharb Converted House of Character

€ 575,000

Gharb Converted House of Character

€ 350,000

Gharb Furnished Farmhouse

€ 450,000

Gharb Furnished Farmhouse

€ 430,000

Gharb Furnished Farmhouse

€ 2,650,000

Gharghur Finished Detached Villa

€ 1,500,000

Gharghur Furnished Detached Villa

€ 410,000

Gharghur Furnished House of Character

€ 3,000,000

Ghaxaq House of Character

€ 640,577

Gozo Converted House of Character

€ 291,000

Gozo Converted House of Character

€ 450,000

Gozo Furnished House of Character

€ 279,500

Gozo Unconverted House of Character

€ 800,000

Gudja Unconverted Farmhouse

€ 445,000

Gzira Finished Town House

€ 195,000

Hamrun Finished Town House

€ 1,575,000

Ibragg Finished Detached Villa

€ 1,600,000

Iklin Shell Form Detached Villa

On the other hand, if you have a large family, you can choose to buy one of the villas for sale in a peaceful community in Malta away from the overly-crowded touristic areas. Here, you can choose a property that is close to schools, medical centers and even parks where you can take your pets for a stroll.

Small families can easily acquire an apartment in the city that is close both to the beach and the waterfront restaurants. Young couples can enjoy a relaxing yet energetic lifestyle while being in close vicinity to the offices where they work.

Finally, older couples and people who have reached their retirement years can look for a house for sale in the rural areas of Malta. Here, deep in the Maltese countryside, they can spend their golden years in peaceful and serene surroundings. Nearby attractions include secluded beaches, trekking trails and natural parks that can reward them with an active and pleasant lifestyle that will keep them healthy and happy.