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Property in Malta / Fgura Property For Sale

Fgura Property For Sale

By Knowing Malta | 13 August 2019

Fgura, the most populous town in Malta, absorbed by Paola and Tarxien on the west, and in the east by Zabbar. Although it is by appearance very modern, since its development in modern times started quickly since the 60s, it actually bears some of the oldest tombs found on Malta. 

Not many historic buildings are to be found, and it has a throbbing commercial core. This makes it an interesting zone of Malta for business establishments since it is so densely populated and also commercially viable. 

The types of properties in Fgura you can find will be low and mid-rise apartment buildings, duplex apartments, office complexes, some townhouses and much more. The roads within Fgura can be narrow, as two-way parking is many allowed and allows for two way traffic but it is well served with necessary services, such as doctors and chemists and it is located near malls and big brand supermarkets. It is also very well connected with the public transport system. The connection to Valletta and the harbor is also easy, as well as the international airport. Fgura Property for Sale might be your next option for investment. A less likely option, but possibly your next option?  

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It is a good compromise, especially if you need to be near the main industrial and commercial as well as administrative centres in Malta and prices are more interesting if compared to areas such as St. Julian’s, Sliema or Valletta. It could be a good compromise if your budget is more limited, it could be a good compromise for more affordable living. 

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The beaches are reached easily by car or public transport, bus, within thirty minutes in pretty much every geographic directions.