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Property in Malta / Apartments for rent in Malta

Apartments for rent in Malta

By Knowing Malta | 28 May 2019

If you want to travel to a hot and sunny holiday destination in Europe, you shouldn't look further than Malta. This small Mediterranean island has plenty of sunshine, good food, and rich culture. You can even find affordable apartments for rent in Malta either by the sea or in the centers of medieval cities.

Malta is a year-round vacation spot due to its warm weather, cultural events, and exhilarating nightlife. The small archipelago is as suitable for family vacations as it is for solo traveling or romantic getaways. The summer fiestas welcome you in celebratory fashion while the rocky beaches call for you to relax and get a fantastic tan in a breathtaking setting.

There is no shortage of tourist attractions or fun things to do in Malta. If you are passionate about history, you will get to visit some of the legendary landmarks that define the long history of the people living on these islands. From ancient megalithic temples to medieval castles and from imposing cathedrals to modern structures, the Maltese cities have something amazing to see for every architectural taste there is.

Malta is the ideal location for a weekend getaway when all you want to do is partying. The modern cities abound in bars, night clubs and lounges where you can enjoy live music from some of the best DJs around. Tourists from all over the world make these nightlife venues their weekly destination for dancing and celebration.

You can enjoy all of these fantastic tourist attractions while staying in one of the many luxurious apartments for rent in Malta. You can opt for a modern maisonette, an extravagant penthouse or an entire villa to make your stay more comfortable. Whether for a short period or a long let, real estate opportunities in Malta come in great numbers and at affordable prices.