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Birkirkara Finished Office

€ 1,000
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Property Description

BIRKIRKARA:- Fully furnished first class OFFICE opposite B’Kara Local Council - enjoying 8 rooms and one car garage space. Maid service is provided every two weeks. This apartment on first floor is serviced with a lift and a hall porter. Accommodation consists of 5 fully furnished offices including a board room, a kitchenette complete with coffee-making machine, a fridge and microwave, a reception area, waiting room, bathroom and an internal courtyard. Property measures a total area of 140 sqm. All rooms have solid oak doors (lockable), modern HULSTA furniture, air-conditioning and pc and telephone network has been installed. Ideal for Notaries, Lawyers, auditors or a foreign Company with a base in Malta. One of the rooms can be converted into a bedroom.
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