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Quick Guide to Your Malta Holidays


If you are searching for the best vacation hot spot in Europe, you do not have to look any further than the gorgeous islands of Malta. The country with one of the smallest capitals in the world boasts one of the largest offers of fun tourist attractions that you can imagine. From sunny beaches to recreational parks to UNESCO cultural sites and historic locations you will find here all the exciting opportunities that will make your family vacation an unforgettable holiday.



Holidays with Air Malta

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Air Malta that will help you arrive in style to the exotic paradise of the Maltese islands. You can choose to fly in from a wide selection of UK airports like London Gatwick, London Southend, Manchester, Bristol, and Birmingham as well as many other countries such as Italy, Germany and 35 major cities all over Europe and the Mediterranean.

Things to do in Malta

Malta abounds in tourist activities for both single travelers and families on vacation. You can visit our blog section and read what one can do while visiting Malta. 

History and culture buffs will find many fascinating ways of spending their time in Malta. The islands are home to some of the earliest settlements in human evolution and to a broad palette of cultural imprints from several nations and peoples across history.

If you love being in the outdoors, you will enjoy hiking through national parks, and adventure sports like rock climbing, water skiing, and scuba diving. Staying in the city such as Sliema, Valletta or Birgu will present you with entertaining opportunities like clubbing, attending music festivals and discovering the local culture.


Lost & Found Festival, Malta

Malta celebrates good music and epic parties, and the Lost & Found Festival is the perfect example for it. This year's celebration is headlined by Annie Mac and features talented musicians from all over the world. Join the locals and other tourists at one of the best parties on the island that lasts from dusk ‘til dawn over the May bank holiday.

The Cities of Malta

Over the centuries, Malta has been the home of various cultures ranging from the ancient Romans to Arabs to Knights Templars and all the way to the English. They have left behind imposing cities with tremendous architecture that will delight and astound you regardless of the town you choose to visit.

The In Guardia Parade

The In Guardia Parade is a traditional weekend celebration that takes place throughout the year. If you are in Malta, you should hear the garrison drills bullet the blue skies with thunderous roars every Sunday morning, between 10am and 11am in Fort St. Elmo in Valletta.

Eat and Drink in Malta

Malta has taken a bit of taste from every gastronomic culture that has landed on its shores and created the island’s unique and delicious cuisine. When traveling to the Maltese islands you must try some of the local dishes as well as the tasty wines produced there from the Gellewza grapes.

Things to see in Malta

Whether you are looking for some fun family time or a romantic getaway with your partner, Malta will not disappoint you. The islands feature a staggering collection of things to see that will help you create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Popeye Village

This fun recreational park is built on the old movie set of the Popeye film that was shot on the western coast of Malta in 1980 and starring the late Robin Williams. Nowadays, the vividly-colored fishermen houses form an entertaining setting for children and adults alike.






Architectural Sightseeing

From the St. John’s Cathedral in Valletta to the Haqar Qim temples in Qrendi to the Mosta Dome Malta has an overwhelming collection of imposing monuments and architectural wonders. If your favorite thing to do on holiday is visiting gorgeous edifices, then Malta should be your next destination.

Malta Beaches

Whether you prefer rocky beaches or silky strips of sand, Malta has got you covered. The Mellieha beaches and the sunny sunbathing spots in St. George's Bay and St. Paul's Bay give you the perfect location for getting a stunning tan. Also, in Malta, you will find a place called Paradise Bay, a sunny beach that earns its name entirely.


If you are looking to extend your wardrobe or get some fancy souvenirs for back home, you will get plenty of chances to do so while holidaying in Malta. The islands host several large commercial venues and local shops where you can buy both high-end merchandise and traditional Maltese art and handmade jewelry.

How to get there

Malta has only one airport on the main island, but it is well connected to any resort that you choose to book on the islands. 

Public transport in Malta

Malta benefits from a modern, highly-efficient transportation system that serves all the islands in the archipelago. You can get around by bus if you want to get a better gist of the local culture and explore as much as you possibly can during your holiday. Taxis are also highly available in Malta as well as self-driven cars and motobikes. 

What is the best time of the year to visit Malta?

Malta is one of the few places in Europe that get over 300 days of sun throughout the year. It means that with the exception of the cold winter months between December and February you can visit the islands and enjoy a sunny holiday almost any time.

Weather in Malta

Anyone who has lived in Malta for more than a year will boast about the nice weather on the islands. Winters in Malta are mild and the temperature rarely reaches the water’s freezing point. Summers tend to be hot and dry, which make the perfect time for long trips on and around the islands.

Do I need a visa to visit Malta?

If you hold a British passport or an EU ID, you do not require a visa to visit Malta. People with citizenship outside the European Union and the UK should contact the country's embassy before booking a flight to the Maltese islands.

What language is spoken in Malta?

Malta is the perfect holiday destination for many reasons, and one of them is that there are very few language barriers that you could encounter. More than 97% of the total population speaks English, which is the country’s second official language besides Maltese. Besides, many Maltese also speak Italian, French and German! 

Accommodation in Malta

There are numerous accommodation options in Malta that range from 5* hotels to beachside bungalows. You can choose to stay in a luxury hotel, self-service accomodation or even something in between.  

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